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The Golden Gate bridge is the most photographed bridge in the world, this is the reason.  It's the most beautiful bridge in the world.

This photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge was taken by me 25 years ago from the Marin side of the bay, in the late afternoon with the fog just starting to roll in.  This is one of the five best photos I ever took.

I like this black and whiteof the Golden Gate Bridge taken just at dusk. The photo is a timed shot of several seconds.   You can see the headlights of the oncomming cars appear as a white blur.    My son Mike and I shot this when he was about 13 years old.  We had been out all day taking pictures.  This is the best one we took that day.

Golden Gate Bridge by moonlight with San Francisco in the background.  There is only one night in the year that it is possible to get this photograph, with the moon in the right position above San Francisco and the bridge.

Golden Gate at dusk.

Golden Gate in the fog.

This was taken from the San Francisco side of the bridge.  The location is fairly difficult to get to unless you know where you are going.



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George Myers

Born 08/13/1925
Died 08/18/2014

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